Monday, March 31, 2014

Candy Crush Saga Free Lives Cheat

Candy Crush Saga is the app of the year. It is the most popular Facebook application, even FarmVille comes after it.

Although this game hasn’t an involving plot and besides it isn’t an open world game, Candy Crush Saga seems to be very appreciated by people all over the world.

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle videogame developed by King two years ago. The game has a lot of levels where, in each one, there is a game board full of different colourful candies. To complete the level, you must create a set of three or more candies with the same color, with an horizontal or vertical movement. Naturally, inside the game there are variations such as goals like clearing a type of candy off the board, or getting a certain score, or maybe some blocks as bombs and so on.

The main complexity of the game is the limited number of moves you can do to complete the level. If you fail, you lose one life. After losing five lives, you need to purchase them (or request them on Facebook).

And finally we have arrived at the main point of this article. As every Facebook application, you need to spend money to play Candy Crush Saga. Facebook doesn’t want to reduce its earnings from in-app purchases, even though the profit of advertisements is huge. So we found the key to avoid the waste of money.

The Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Exactly. One day I met up with Paul, a developer of free software specialized in videogames, and after a small talk, he exposed himself revealing me his project. He was working on a new project, and guess what, it was about Candy Crush Saga! I decided to work with him, and now I have the task of making his software known. It is called “Candy Crush Saga Hack”. He hasn’t a wild imagination, has he?

What does the Candy Crush Saga Hack really do?

It is based on the engine of the game: David checked all the codes about time, lives, candies, and he was able to grab and add in the software some of them. Let’s see all the available Candy Crush Cheats:

  • Candy Crush Free Lives

    Obviously the most used by our users. It can give you all the lives you want. You only need to put the exact number in the form, and wait for the software-confirmation.

    Be aware of the risk relative to this cheat. It is able to add you infinite lives, so use it carefully. Even 100 lives are a good choice.

  • Candy Crush Free Candies

    Just like the other cheat, select the number of candies you want and wait few seconds.

Before choosing the hacks, the Candy Crush Saga Cheat needs your Account ID, so put it in the form, and go ahead.

How can I download the software?

You can download it on Paul’s site. He provides only free stuff. He is able to offer software or codes thanks to various advertisement systems. So, in order to download Candy Crush Saga Cheats or other software products, a share on a Social Network is required. Remember, he needs visitors to earn money, and use them to make his tools bug-free.

The article ends here, download the software and have fun!